Neapolitan tailoring

Italy is a hotbed of history and culture. When you’re in Rome you think of the Colosseum while in Venice images of gondolas and slim waterways come to mind. What about Naples? The history of Naples does not emerge from the piazzas


and alleyways but from the shoulder. Yes, you read right. The soft shoulder is the gift bestowed upon the world by century old Neapolitan tailors. Tailors of this region are renowned for their flair with fabric and unique fit. It has been said that Italian tailors are so well trained, that fewer fittings are needed in order to achieve an exceptional fit. Tailoring is in the blood of many Neapolitan’s as they’ve been around the trade since childhood.

Youthful men from all over Italy would travel to Naples to have the perfect Neapolitan jacket constructed. Features of these jackets are soft shoulders, minimal silk lining, a leaner, slimmer fit, boat shaped breast pockets and wider lapels. The distinction these small changes can make have been carved into stone and out has emerged one of the most important pieces of men’s clothing.

Italian Street Style

Neapolitan tailoring provides a more streamlined look through dart manipulation, waist suppression, tapered sleeves and a shorter length than your classic English jacket. The key difference between Neapolitan and all other tailoring is the famous soft shoulder. Through the use of minimal or no padding, Neapolitan tailors create the look of a natural shoulder that is lighter and more flexible than any other kind of jacket.

Neapolitan Tailoring
Neapolitan Tailoring

At Herringbone & Sui, we pride ourselves on using the finest fabrics in the world so why not the best technique? All our jackets are created using tenants of Neapolitan tailoring while our Italian wool provides the best feel possible. Shop our website so find a look to suit you.

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